Fireplace Doors

Our goal is to take an existing fireplace and transform it with new screens or doors.

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While fireplace screens might be a good way to control dirt and debris, fireplace glass doors are an even better way to control the heating and cooling of the home.

Glass doors can prevent the loss of hot or cool air from the home through the fireplace when not in use. Our fireplace doors are custom built, with options of a wide variety of designs and finishes, sized to fit any opening and perfectly designed for every customer.

No Such Thing as Compromise

At Fiddler's Firescreens, we've perfected our fireplace doors and the designs that accompany them.. Our doors will blend in with existing fireplaces and will be expertly matched to a home's interior design scheme. Best of all, our flexibility means that customers turn around time is fast and will not significantly disrupt their daily routines when we transform their fireplace into one with new doors and a great new design.

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