Our goal is to take an existing fireplace and transform it with new screens or doors.
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Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens | Fiddler's Firescreens

One of the most common problems that we hear from our customers when they meet with us is that their fireplace throws a lot...

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Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Doors | Fiddler's Firescreens

While fireplace screens might be a good way to control dirt and debris, fireplace doors are an even better way to control those...

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Free-Standing Fireplace Screens

Free-Standing Fireplace Screens | Fiddler's Firescreens

Free-standing fireplace screens are a perfect way to enhance a fireplace without the long-term commitment that results from choosing...

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Transform your fireplace with a custom screen or glass door!

Welcome To Fiddler's Firescreens

Custom built firescreen and glass doors for fireplaces throughout Arizona.

There's something about home designs in the desert southwest that makes fireplaces pretty common, and our customers are always looking for ways to transform both the safety and appearance of their home's fireplaces. We understand that need better than most companies, and it's why we offer a number of custom built options that can actually work with existing fireplace setups. Our screens and doors are specifically designed to keep dirt and debris in the fire, while keeping the hands of younger family members away from the heat and flames that fireplaces are known for. This combination of elegant design and overall safety is what has kept customers coming back for new designs for both screens and doors. It's a service we're proud to offer, and we're proud of the results we can produce for our customers.

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