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There seems to be a common misconception among homeowners, that once they buy a fireplace, they simply have to deal with how that fireplace looks and functions forever. If they wish to change either of those things, they'll simply have to tear the fireplace out of their home, find a replacement model for a very high price, and pay qualified installers to install it where the old model used to sit. This is extremely expensive, of course, and it's not the only way to give a fireplace a great facelift. We founded our business to give Phoenix customers a new way to transform their fireplaces.

The Key to Our Success: Giving Plenty of Options to Customers

One of the things we know is customers expect a wide array of options and they do not expect to compromise when it comes to their home's existing decor, their own personal preferences, and how it all looks. That's what comes with the precision of our custom built firescreen and glass doors, as well as free standing models for indoor or outdoor use. We are committed to providing a product that meets the expectation of all customers.

In this area, we have largely been successful. Because offer models that stand freely or attach to the fireplace itself, customers have been able to pick between the right finish, the right design, and unique touches that enhance their home. Unlike other companies, they haven't had to merely settle for the best thing they could find. Instead, they found something that already matched their needs perfectly.

It All Starts with the Consultation

One of the reasons that we know our customers so well is because we conduct a thorough and honest consultation before we offer designs and get started with installation. From special requests to unique tastes, we can offer products that will meet with customers' expectations. From there, we'll get started with a quick installation and a great result that will last for years to come. Contact us today and get started!

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